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EPISODE 67: From Brushes and Rollers to CEO of 120 Plus. Growing From The Garage with Rob Scott

Sometimes The Best Thing Is To Get Out Of The Way and Let My People Do Their Thing

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #67:
From Brushes and Rollers to CEO of 120 Plus.

Growing From The Garage with Rob Scott. How to build a team of people and put systems in place that allow you to step back from day to day life. The Amazing Story of hard work and achievement.

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Show Notes:

I told myself there’s no way in hell that I’m going to go into the construction trades. I want to wear a suit and be super fancy every single day.

I’m the only person that ever called him, took them over to that offer and he’s a local real estate developer. And he gave me the first project and things just started to grow from there slowly.

I painted people’s kitchens outside of people’s houses just to make enough money for us.

I’m figuring out what the world’s going to look like in a couple of years and dabbling in a few other ventures

I know a lot of people who’ve done stuff very differently and some of them have a tonne more money, but they have built it so they have to grind every single day.

for years I made less so the business could function and run and put this gentleman in place and the team in place, we just have some amazing people.

that took 16 years to say, okay, things are all right. They’re working.

I think one of the biggest things that I learned was falsely assuming, just because someone desires to do something means they’re going to figure it out. Right. I should have taken more time to train different people the first couple of years instead of just give them chances.

that makes sure that the system’s working and I don’t want to go in and break the thing that is keeping everyone happy.

Dave Whitley and he literally changed my life for the better and it was painful. He was unrelenting. I don’t even know why he did it for free and he really helped me out.

I think I still have to remind myself to put stuff on my planner to show up for those meetings, to be, to remind myself this structure brings peace of mind. That structure brings success.

So in construction, every time a project ends, we do a thing called lessons learned. What went right, what went wrong? What do we want to repeat? What do we make sure we never do again?

Change is hard on all of us. Some people adapt to change better or worse, but organisations, the more people you have in an organisation the harder change is to facilitate and to put in place.

And so we talk a lot about being kind. And I think that for us is facilitating exponential growth

And it’s a big deal is to teach people in the space, what do I feel? Well, how am I feeling? Why am I feeling the way that I am? Because how can I be kind you respect to you as a human being, um, if I don’t even understand myself.

honour, creativity, be you, we want you to be you, your ethnicity, gender, sexuality. Um, because that’s going to differentiate us when we bring in all that diversity, um, creativity and grit. Those are our five values that we talk about in a regular day

I’m really happy. I could not be more happy. The way things are growing, structure, the pace at which they’re going.




EPISODE 66: From Broke to Millions – Hustling To Success With Douglas Eze

‘Continually seeking knowledge’

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #66:
From Broke to Millions – Hustling To Success With Douglas Eze.

One of the most amazing stories of inspiration. How a chance meeting in an Ihop changed this mans life from broke and living in his car to having amazing high Nett Wealth individuals as his clients.

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Show notes:

I just didn’t want to be a traditional cookie cutter financial planner and you know, and the reason of that is just because I realised quickly that the same information that’s been fed to the general public is not what the wealthy families are getting

cause it’s not how much money you make. It’s how much money you keep by understanding the principles of money.

I always had in my mind I wanted to be a millionaire. That was the goal.

I got into the business and I saw the possibilities of the business of financial services and I got in and I stay focused. I was consistent. It wasn’t easy.

you can’t become good at anything if you keep moving around. I stay faithful to this business and continue to increase my knowledge

I slept in my car and then every morning I’ll go to a motel and I begged the manager to just let me take a shower real quick cause I gotta go to work.

there’s different types of ways to create your business and set up your business correctly and how you could make sure your kids are also connected to the business.

just keep learning and then collaborating with folks that have the knowledge that you want.

There’s always going to be opportunities that are going to present themselves. The key is, are you ready to take advantage of those opportunities?

I talk about media and the government, the banks, you know, I talk about those things because they’re designed to get us into a situation where we depend on them

I do the things that I want to do. And that’s the thing that I teach my clients. We don’t tell our clients to stop, to cut down their lifestyle because we help them



EPISODE 65: Developing Core Leadership Skills 5 Minutes at a Time with Martin Lanik

When The Playing Field is Level, The Best Leaders Will Emerge

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 65:
Developing Core Leadership Skills 5 Minutes at a Time with Martin Lanik.

Best selling author of ‘The Leader Habit’ Martin talks about starting a business in a recession and growing it to include fortune 500 companies as clients. What does it take to move the needle in terms of leadership and growth.

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Show Notes:

that’s really so combination of education and then getting the work experience and then really finding the right opportunity. That’s how I got where I am today.

probably five years ago or so, when, when it felt like, okay, we got the product pretty stable we have we have a good understanding of the market. Like this could really be something that’s when we raised money to then invest in sales, marketing and then start growing the business more more aggressively.

I think what keeps you, at least what kept me going is this this belief that really, you know, we could change the world and this could really be something our, you know, our internal mission as an organisation.

I think the biggest aha moment was when I started putting financial projections and like a three to five year business plan.

it came out of frustration with what was happening out there and what I’ve been seeing happening in the market.

how can we help people to internalise these micro behaviours so they don’t need to read books or you know, they actually can start practising.

We spent five years going around the world. We studied about 800 managers, executives. And then based on this research, we’re able to identify what are the key leadership skills. There’s 22 of them. They break down to 79 different micro behaviours. And then we wrote daily exercises for each one of these 79 micro behaviours.

It reads your assessment results and based on that puts a development plan for you on a daily basis. It sends exercises to you and then it knows as you are working with it, right. It knows how much you have improved based on artificial intelligence

anytime you bring in an assessment, there’s going to be resistance because every manager likes to think that they know best,

you need that level of standardisation because otherwise, you know, you cannot, you cannot make better decisions. If everybody is using different criteria

leadership and any sort of leadership development or discussions are ultimately about change

It’s much easier to change your behaviour than it is or anybody’s behaviour than to change somebody’s mind.

this is a tool, but at the end of the day, if people don’t use it and don’t practise, then there’s not going to be any change.



EPISODE 64: We ALL Need a Good Laugh and to Loosen up with Sharon Miller

Is laughter really the best medicine? Statistics say…

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 64:
We ALL Need a Good Laugh and to Loosen up with Sharon Miller.

Why starting your day with the most difficult task may not be the way to go after all and how that little mirror in your car sun visor could actually your best therapist. LAUGH along and Enjoy.

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Show notes:

I was always looking for something to take away the worries. To take away the reality of the situation.

I heard someone talking about laughter therapy and I thought that’s what I’ve just done. And I absolutely loved it and I just felt so good and I just loved seeing the transformation

I have learned that joy does work even though at the beginning of the journey was just about how to combine all of the skills that I have and use that as a, as a business model.

I think that we all love to laugh. We all absolutely love to laugh and we all love to see people light up.

but I think that the world is becoming much more a place of compassion and love.

let’s see each other as humans rather than colleagues

when we are in a joyful state, we create the best work

let’s take the face and the mask off and let’s see ourselves as we really are, and let’s see everyone else as they really are. Joy is who we are. We are joy at the core. And we just forget it as we get older, we forget how joyful we can really be.

You have CEOs crying in sessions and it’s because they are remembering how unhappy they are because they haven’t had laughed in such a long time.

brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. And that’s very, very powerful going into corporate world when people are stressed out

It’s peeling back the layers and, and seeing who we really are

we are so unloving and unkind to ourselves when we are not [happy]. And yet that is when we need our loving and our kindness and compassion the most

it was something very different. I guess that was the unique selling point that no one else is doing it.

the concept of laughter you’ll have came up because when you’re laughing, your exhalation breath is as longer naturally than your inhalation breath. And so your oxygenating and all of yourself

I may get on the phone and laugh with a pal to get me into a nice, joyful state before I do the stuff that I don’t particularly like.

You get yourself in a really joyful place and then you do the work because that’s when the good stuff comes



EPISODE 63: Through Confusion and Overwhelm to a Clear Path of Success with Kristy-lea Tritz

Building online courses or solving tech issues. It’s only the next step that matters

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 63
Through Confusion and Overwhelm to a Clear Path of Success with Kristy-lea Tritz.

From an early age of ‘organising’ her friends, Kristy-Lea has the unique skill set of cutting through the confusion and overwhelm, often felt by Entrepreneurs – to result in a solid plan, that delivers success for the end goal.

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Show notes:

now I’m also returning back to helping people really create the business that they can live, not the one that takes over their lives.

planning is the absolute key foundation to create a, a solid business platform.

really helping them focus and narrow down on the things they actually need to do rather than things they feel that they need to do.

everybody and everybody’s businesses look different and everybody has different kinds of routines throughout their day that help them get through their day.

I definitely like recommend outsourcing things because you can not as you go along, you can not do it all by yourself.

sit in quiet place and take a deep breath and remember that you’re here to help other people with whatever it is that you’re going to be providing.

the more stuff you hold onto inside of your brain, more that is just going to go around and around and around and around in a loop trying to figure it out.

it becomes endless of what you can do just by simply creating that silent space and starting to write down all that stuff that’s coming through your head.

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, You need a community.



EPISODE 62: Lived in 60 countries and Startup Founder – The long journey with Steven Van Der Peijl

How Air Bnb and the Dynamite Circle have built this man’s journey

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 62:
Lived in 60 countries and Startup Founder – The long journey with Steven Van Der Peijl.

Starting out by unlocking phones and learning coding and hacking from a young age, Steven talks about living No where and seeing everywhere as well as the tough journey and incredible steps to build a future 100M company.

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Show notes:

all that I need is a computer and a good stable internet connection. And today it’s this super easy to get there.

Let’s make this software user friendly and then just sell it directly to the users. And I think I was the first one in the world to actually come up with that.

It’s all with entrepreneurs that are location independent. So there’s kind of a difference between digital nomads and location independence

Like us entrepreneurs, like we deal with a lot of loanliness, especially when you’re travelling on your computer and to different cities and different countries all the time. So having that community behind you is just [amazing]

I spent $15,600 on all my Airbnbs and you know, the Ubers, the lifts that’s basically how I get around in a city. That’s 12 month period.

If you do the math for a whole year, that’s a lot of extra time you could be spending on your business or relaxing. Because relaxing is just as important as to spending time on your business because that makes you be able to perform.

I don’t really care about the weekend. Like it’s meaningless. Like I can go out on a Monday and a Tuesday just as well as a Friday on a Saturday. I don’t care about that at all.

So I had to make the decision to say like, okay, we have to start this from scratch, like from absolute zero.

we’ve been working out this for quite a while and you know, there’s a difference between deserving and earning money

I think what’s really important is that you get them to buy in and what you’re trying to do.

one of the points that we always go through that me, myself or Neil leads at that moment is going over our values and about what we’re doing.

doing it simple and taking what you already know is a better start than going with something completely new.

wished that I would’ve talked more to people one on one to get really a good, a better view of what they need and want and how their processes and their companies work.

we created a accountability charts so not an organisational chart, but an accountability chart where everybody is not per person, but it’s per position and what they’re accountable for. And then we were S we were going to, we are filling those positions with people like who fits where.

I don’t wanna shoot for 10 million recurring revenue a year. I want to shoot for 50 or a hundred million. Like if we ever gonna get there, I don’t know. But that’s what I’m, I’m pushing and fighting for

if you do business to business like we are doing, you have a secondary model that’s also really important and that’s your business life cycle model.


EPISODE 61: Communication At Work – Peace And Harmony At Home With Carol Fox

Work-life balance sometimes means different cities!

Business and People Podcast Episode 61 Carol Fox

Business and People Podcast Episode 61
Communication At Work – Peace And Harmony At Home With Carol Fox.

A former Iron Man competitor, top level athlete and President of the Women In Sport association, Carol has authored “Confident Communication For Leaders” and now consults in business to help with communication across all levels. Working and living in different cities!

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Show notes:
Cause at the end of the day it’s just all about performance, isn’t it? You know, how do we make the most of our performance, how we make the most of our time. And this is where communication becomes really important

you know, it’s a mindset. I always say I love my customers. Cause when I love them, they love me. And then it all starts, you know, working around.

they reaching out to say, you know, we’ve got some funding we need to make an impact with it. You know, how do you go about empowering our women so that they’ll put their hands up because when we have those role models, women, girls also get to say that passport ticket, if they get injured, there’s still a way of them being involved in it.

that’ll start happening more and more now that they’ve got exposure and yeah, more of the teams are starting to be sponsored, which is great because that means that we can start, you know, having some pay parity, which we have not had for a very, very long time. And the only sports that have got the pay parity at the moment are cricket Australia and our Matilda’s finally.

It’s really about understanding other people and what they need and how you can adapt your message for it.

If you are kind to yourself and kind to other people, all of this stuff falls into place. You know? I think that that’s where we’ve got to stop judging ourselves but also stop judging others.

I think the hardest time in business in some of so many people will relate to it. It’s when I stopped worrying about where my next dollar is coming from you know, I look at my diary and I don’t see anything in and I stopped worrying about that. As soon as I do that business shuts down. But if I, I’ve been in it for long enough now to know that often if there’s a break in my calendar, it’s because I actually needed a rest. So I’m making the most of that that rest time now.

it’ll often be, they turn up at the right time and while I’m talking to them, I in the back of my mind, I go, they need to be part of this journey. It’s really great cause we’ve got the, we’ve got the same values.

We focus on equal opportunity for media time, wages, access to leadership positions. And we’ve got a project that started last year called women in sport photo action awards. And what we did is we realised that there just wasn’t enough photos of women playing sport actually playing it. So we created a competition and that’s gone Australia wide.

I think at my age and this part of my business now, I go with the flow. I trust my gut, I get ideas and I follow them through if they feel right.

most importantly take away tools or strategies that you don’t just use at work. But these are tools and strategies that you can use at home, in your private life.


EPISODE 60: Sometimes The Box You’re In is Too Small – Finding Happiness with Lora Cheadle

From Corporate Lawyer to LIFE Choreographer – so FLAUNT IT

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 60 
Sometimes The Box You’re In is Too Small – Finding Happiness with Lora Cheadle.

The chat with Lora was eye opening for me – as she’s progressed from a corporate law environment to founding the FLAUNT organisation – focussing on people and their happiness.

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Show notes:
I was judged for being a female, for being young, for being smart, for what I wore, for being too masculine, for being too feminine, for being, for being me. And along about the time I had my second baby, I thought, you know what? I went to law school because I wanted to help people solve problems and all I’m doing is arguing and this is not solving problems.

I left law and started exploring different modalities and kind of came up with this flaunt process.

People have this preconceived notion of what a teacher looks like, what an entrepreneur does, what a business person does. And the thing is, we are all very unique individuals. We have got this wide range of gifts and it’s that whole round peg and square hole thing.

all of our soul sparkle. It just sparkles in a different way. And I needed to find my sparkle again so then I could figure out how to proceed.

We’re, we’re minds, we’re habits, we’re emotions, we’re spirits, and we’re bodies. And that’s when I started pulling all three of those things together.

I thought that’s what I’m doing with people. I’m taking their bodies and their habits and their life experiences and their level of education and their desires and their hearts and their souls. And I’m choreographing with them so they can create something meaningful and beautiful and passionate for them

We need to recognise and release our labels, our rules and our scripts because growing up, none of us are ever asked, how do you want to feel as an adult? How do you want to balance life? How do you want to live joyfully? We’re always asked, what do you want to do?

F Find your fetish. L laugh out loud. AU the atomic symbol for gold is the golden centre of Flaunt and that’s accept unconditionally. N is navigate the negative and T is trust in your truth.

Constantly afraid of what people are going to say and what people will think and never quite knowing and never quite feeling the way you want to feel.

And just like anything, if you do and you have never done it before, there’s a learning curve. And you know, growing a business is challenging and you can only do what you can do when you can only know what you know.

We are all these walking brains. Education is valued, being thoughtful is valued, but you know, like I had mentioned earlier, we’re more than just our brain. We have bodies too and our bodies have a lot of wisdom and intuition and emotion and feeling

success and relaxation go hand in hand. Being driven and being relaxed, truly go hand in hand. And when we’re charging ahead, we’re missing the joy. We’re missing the journey.

And unless we’re enjoying it, it’s completely pointless. So move into the fact that you want to be driven, move into that fact and be like, yes, and it’s always going to be here and there’s always going to be something after this. How can I enjoy this now?

Well I think if lawyers did get more personal and quit watching the clock, we might achieve settlements that were more beneficial for everybody involved and people would spend a lot less on legal fees and it would be a better system.

when somebody judges you, it says something about them. It doesn’t say anything about you.

It’s that awareness of who we are, what we’re putting on and why. Yeah.

One of the biggest ways I think we can all Flaunt is having an honest expression of emotion saying what’s coming up. We tend to be so guarded. If we’re confused about something, say don’t apologise

So everyday we feel like we’re living this lie and we get up and we pretend to be somebody we’re not. And it makes us physically ill.



EPISODE 59: College Drop out to Fortune 100 Advisor – Truth about Business with John Spence

How to turn around your world with self education

Business and People Podcast John Spence

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss: Episode 59
College Drop out to Fortune 100 Advisor – Truth about Business with John Spence.

John was a CEO of the Rockefeller foundation at 26 – But what’s really impressive is what he’s done since then!

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Show notes:

I had dreams of being a CEO and travelling all over the world and all that stuff and no one else was gonna fix it for me. I’ve messed it all up. And that’s when I began my journey of trying to understand how successful people work, reading, studying, getting mentors.

They let me in on probation and really low expectations for a community college. But I just decided I’d become a fanatic. I would study everything. That’s when I started listening to tapes, reading books, reading, you know, in the old days, Zig Ziegler and Napoleon Hill and on and on and on.

instead of me competing against other people or hammering, when else I went inside and said, I’m just going to try to be better than I was yesterday.

I think all of us are fearful that we’re not there. We’re not good enough to do this, that we don’t know what we’re doing.

I think the good leaders they realise that they’re going to have to be push themselves for lifelong learning

skill set is honed through through chaos through crisis is that you just, you don’t learn how strong you can be until something really big happens. And everybody looks at you and says, well, what are we going to do?

IQ. Basically competence. This [books] doesn’t make my IQ any better, but what it does is it gives me access to information.

no matter how advanced computers get, they never have empathy. So the ability to make genuine connections with other people EQ.

The creativity seems to be the number one soft skill that a CEO’s are looking for worldwide.

You gotta be deeply passionate about something you’re highly skilled at with that third one an entrepreneur that people are willing to pay for. I mean, lots of people that are passionate and skilled, but no one to pay for it. That’s called a hobby.

one of the greatest things great strategic thinkers do is figuring out what to say no to.

My definition of success is when your self concept and your core values are in harmony with your daily actions and behaviours. In other words, we need thought deeply about the kind of person you want to be, the values you have, and you’ve got a clear picture in your mind and the kind of life you’d like to live. And you actually do that

to me it’s all about service and helping people. And if your goal is to change people’s lives in a positive way, take away something that’s painful to them, allow them to achieve something they want to achieve, but truly through your product or service, their life is better.

the wisdom was one thing, but the wisdom to the action was what changed everything. It’s nice you read the book, John, what are you going to do differently now and now I’m going to hold you accountable. I think that’s one of the big things that changed my life.

the three biggest problems I see right now are lack of a vivid compelling and well communicated vision and strategy for growth. Number two is courageous communication. And number three, which is actually the biggest one, is lack of disciplined execution and accountability.



EPISODE 58: Surrounding Yourself With The Right People For Rapid Growth with Diane Najm

In any field, having the right people around you can make all the difference

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #58:
Surrounding Yourself With The Right People For Rapid Growth with Diane Najm.

How does a 50 Year old social worker become the explosive leader of a tech company that puts in 250,000 users to her app. Diane Najm shares. (and

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Show notes:

I have a mission to solve problems and I like to work with people, so it made sense. And as well as I continue with my core value with working for and with women and helping them, you know, and shining the spotlight and, and focusing on advocating for them as well.

it was very difficult in the beginning because, you know, like when I first started, it’s not like it is today where there’s a lot of women around you starting startups

it’s not all great. I mean, of course I’ve had a lot of falls and failures and you move along the way and I even wrote an article about how being entrepreneurs like a mistress in your life, it just takes over.

the only time you should look back is to look to see how far you’ve come. And when you do that, you do feel a lot better.

I love working with new startups because of their energy of their ideas. It’s like growing. It’s like, let’s do this, let’s get it going. So I just love that. And even in my own company, I still have that passion.

I want to whatever I’m doing, I want people to be successful, what they want to do

So you really need to have inner and outer confidence to be a leader of your startup, you know? And so those things get refined along the way I think.

I don’t feel like I built the company. I feel like my tech team built the company but you know together we all built, if that makes sense.

the biggest failure that people end up closing because they didn’t A get customer validation or B, they didn’t listen to their customers.

branch out in different directions because you really need to do that to continue to grow

you’re no good if you’re not well rested, well balanced and you need to figure that out. Whatever it is for you, you need to figure it out.

I don’t know how to tell people not to feel guilty, but it’s important not to burn yourself out because then that’s huge failure and it’s a long road to come back on

the primary thing is building relationships with your customers. By sharing your experience, by sharing the customer’s experience with their pro, with your product is what’s going to really be relate-able