EPISODE 58: Surrounding Yourself With The Right People For Rapid Growth with Diane Najm

In any field, having the right people around you can make all the difference

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode #58:
Surrounding Yourself With The Right People For Rapid Growth with Diane Najm.

How does a 50 Year old social worker become the explosive leader of a tech company that puts in 250,000 users to her app. Diane Najm shares. (and

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Show notes:

I have a mission to solve problems and I like to work with people, so it made sense. And as well as I continue with my core value with working for and with women and helping them, you know, and shining the spotlight and, and focusing on advocating for them as well.

it was very difficult in the beginning because, you know, like when I first started, it’s not like it is today where there’s a lot of women around you starting startups

it’s not all great. I mean, of course I’ve had a lot of falls and failures and you move along the way and I even wrote an article about how being entrepreneurs like a mistress in your life, it just takes over.

the only time you should look back is to look to see how far you’ve come. And when you do that, you do feel a lot better.

I love working with new startups because of their energy of their ideas. It’s like growing. It’s like, let’s do this, let’s get it going. So I just love that. And even in my own company, I still have that passion.

I want to whatever I’m doing, I want people to be successful, what they want to do

So you really need to have inner and outer confidence to be a leader of your startup, you know? And so those things get refined along the way I think.

I don’t feel like I built the company. I feel like my tech team built the company but you know together we all built, if that makes sense.

the biggest failure that people end up closing because they didn’t A get customer validation or B, they didn’t listen to their customers.

branch out in different directions because you really need to do that to continue to grow

you’re no good if you’re not well rested, well balanced and you need to figure that out. Whatever it is for you, you need to figure it out.

I don’t know how to tell people not to feel guilty, but it’s important not to burn yourself out because then that’s huge failure and it’s a long road to come back on

the primary thing is building relationships with your customers. By sharing your experience, by sharing the customer’s experience with their pro, with your product is what’s going to really be relate-able



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