EPISODE 56: Crafting Your Customers Biggest Needs With Rob Temple and Kennedy

You are NOT getting Sleepy – this is the massive growth session

Business and People Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 56:
Crafting Your Customers Biggest Needs With Rob Temple and Kennedy.

Kennedy and Rob have come from a stage performers background and the message about CREATING the very market that they are trying to serve is outstanding.

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Show Notes:

I never really felt like I was delivering 10 out of 10 a class quality material. I thought it was good. I thought it was eight or nine, but like I don’t like to do anything unless it’s like 100% the best in market kind of thing.

Rob and I just become really good friends because we were both doing weird mind related entertainment, but we will also interested in marketing and how those skills could be used further. And then it came around that we wanted to help. We realised we could help people to sell more of their stuff if they understood more about their customers.

So what we wanted to do is figure out a really simple way that we could ask people the questions we need to ask and then use that information to get them to a solution faster.

So it is really about in a really ethical way, finding out what people’s major problem is right now. Not in a big brother is watching you. You know, Facebook is stalking us, allegedly.

it didn’t start as a business idea. It started as a problem that I needed to solve. So it started as a how can we do this, does it exist?

And we just realised there was so much untapped territory that we couldn’t do manually. So in the end we said, right, this is going to have to be a piece of piece of software. And the only way to make it a piece of software, the only viable way to do it is to make it something that we can sell it as its own thing. So it was, it was not an accident by any means, but it was a, it was a few years down the line.

but it’s the idea that every single person in the business knows everything that’s going on at all time. Everybody knows how much money’s in the bank. Everybody knows how much money the business is making.

If we could only sell to one person on earth, who would it be? And we came up with the fact that it would be people like us in our previous and our other businesses. It would be people who create and sell courses on the internet. People have expertise, coaches and consultants, experts, that kind of thing.

We were so fixated on the fact that Response Suite was the brand and the company and the product and we realised it, it doesn’t have to be that way. Like Robin Kennedy can be the brand and that’s just one of our courses.

there’s no point in creating anything unless it’s exceptional and there’s no point in creating anything unless the thing that you’re offering is the thing that they can’t get anywhere else.

the simplest way to build a big list really quickly and to keep that list engaged is to create something that is absolutely remarkable in your industry. And it’s not as difficult to do as you would think.

it doesn’t matter how good your targeting is. If you’re just targeting after interests and nothing else, then you are just competing with a bunch of other people saying the same thing.

So for us, Instagram and all of that stuff serves a purpose. We definitely love social media for that. But for us it’s just there to feed our email list and move people up. That little hierarchy of that little pyramid of engagement.

I think everybody on every business on earth can and should build a list even down to, you know, like businesses never thought about it.

Again, your email marketing becomes a really powerful part of what you’re doing. So for us, I think every, every business on earth can and should build a list.



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